Economic Competition

SAI is a leader and pioneer in Economic Competition Law. We offer interdisciplinary services as a result of the integration of recognized lawyers and economists. This integration allows us to provide unique assessments within the market related to diverse subject matters such as mergers, investigations into monopolistic practices, leniency program applications, and procedures to remove barriers to competition and regulate access to essential forms of input.


Lucía Ojeda Cárdenas

J. Enrique Espinosa Velasco

Eduardo Pérez Motta

Marina Hernández Scharrer


We provide our clients with legal and economic advice related to competition matters for their business decision-making processes or for them to prevent any risks. We also serve as economic representation agents in procedures before the Mexican Federal Economic Commission (“COFECE” based on its acronym in Spanish) or the Federal Telecommunications Institute (“IFT” based on its acronym in Spanish).

▾ We offer advice and representation services for the following procedures held before the competition authorities:

During amparo trials, we offer services to challenge rulings by the COFECE and the IFT before the courts specializing in economic competition and telecommunication matters.

▾ We offer a wide range of assessment services for corporations, including the following and other services:

We offer consulting to governments and public and private corporations in tender and contract matters.

▾ Experience: