J. Enrique Espinosa Velasco
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J. Enrique Espinosa Velasco

Sector-Based Economic Analysis
Strategic Planning
Industrial and Regulatory Studies
International Trade

J. Enrique Espinosa Velasco has more than 30 years of professional experience advising on matters such as strategic planning, international trade, economic analysis and investment, which he has practiced in the public and private sectors.

Enrique has been a SAI partner since its foundation and is currently the General Director of SAI Law & Economics, the consulting firm that gave birth to Grupo SAI. In 1994, he worked as Director of Regulatory Affairs for Avantel, where he took part in the preparation of the Federal Telecommunications Law of 1995. Enrique has broad experience in analyzing industries subject to regulation, especially in the communications and transport sectors. He was the head of negotiations for the North America Free Trade Agreement related to textiles and clothes, safeguards, technical rules and trade remedies, and he supervised the negotiations relating to the steel and footwear sectors. In 1992 he worked at Banamex as part of the Business Information Department, developing sector-based economic analyses to be used by the Credit Committee. Previously, in 1988, he also worked at Banamex as Deputy Director and General Management Advisor. In 1990 after being granted a special leave of absence from Banamex, he assumed the General Manager position of the Commercial Link with North America of the Commerce and Industrial Promotion Ministry (SECOFI based on its acronym in Spanish). From 1985 to 1988, he worked as Advisory Economist on the Mexican President's Economic Advisory Committee. He was also Advisor to the Bank of Mexico's Adjunct General Manager and Chief of its Economic Analysis Office.

Enrique Espinosa Velasco graduated in Economics from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). He completed his professional education with a PhD in Economics at Yale University as a Fulbright Scholar.

In June 2006, Enrique was commissioned as President of the Administrative Board of the NAFTA Fund of Mexico Management, LLP, which works as General Partner for the NAFTA Fund of Mexico, LP, a private capital fund. From 1989 to 2000, he was a member of the Governing Board of the Dr. José Ma. Luis Mora Research Institute, which is an institution specializing in historical studies. He has also been professor of several subjects in the bachelor and postgraduate programs at Colegio de México, ITAM, Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad Panamericana and at the Universidad Tecnológica de México.