We provide interdisciplinary consulting services for growing and developing businesses along the oil and gas industry production chain and in the power sector. This includes the service sectors for those industries and large consumers of their end product. Our performance is based upon our partners' extensive experience in the local oil and gas industry and in the energy markets.


Lucía Ojeda Cárdenas

Beatriz Leycegui Gardoqui

Hernán Sabau García


The legal, economic and financial consulting services that we provide include:

• Preparation of the bidding package for upstream ventures and permitting for mid/downstream businesses.

• Strategy for participation by private companies in projects with Pemex.

• Forecasts and preparation of scenarios for key economic variables for economic assessment, government contract/permit modelling, and sensitivity and risk analysis for specific projects.

• Regional market analyses for oil products, gas and electricity..

• Compliance with national content rules and optimal use of free trade agreements.

• Economic assessment for tax policies and changes in industry standards.

• Applied economics and quantitative tools for specific business problems, pricing, regulated tariff/price analysis, periodic revision of regulated maximum income, and provision of expert opinion for arbitration.

• Legal analysis for contracts and permits and the legal framework's impact on the company's businesses.

• Corporate and business law and corporate structure.

• Investor state, investment protection agreements, arbitration, debt and equity financing, initial public offerings, designing Development Capital Certificates (CKD´s), institutionalization and restructuring.

• Land tenure and community management, land use agreements, social intelligence, social impact studies, attainment of the so called social license to operate and advise on obtaining government funding for “social enterprises” in the region affected by the operation.

• Administration of the government contract or permit.

▾ Some relevant cases: