International Trade and
Foreign Investment

We advise and represent domestic and foreign enterprises in the negotiation, implementation, utilization, protection, and dispute resolution processes under free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties. We provide guidance and support to governments in negotiating these agreements and in adopting the public policies and regulations needed to boost exports, attract more investment, and create a better business environment. We support the investor through all the stages in the investment process.


Beatriz Leycegui Gardoqui


SAI provides legal services and strategic advice in the following areas:

▾ Designing stances for a government, sector, industry, or enterprise to negotiate and deepen trade and investment agreements.

▾ Support for the investor in all investment process stages.

▪ Legal representation in disputes before the World Trade Organization dispute settlement body, free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties.

▪ Counsel during government procurement tenders (e.g., compliance with national and regional content under the North American Free Trade Agreement).

▪ Global value chain analysis.

▪ Cost-benefit analysis for tariff modifications.

▪ Utilization and interpretation of international agreements in trade and investment matters.

▪ Adoption of public policies regarding trade liberalization, export promotion, investment attraction, and regulatory improvement, among others.

▪ Implementation of public policies about innovation and technology to improve competitiveness.

▾ Import-export operations:

▪ Structural adjustment policies that help industries adapt to new international trade commitments.

▾ Experience