The SAI Report: Mexico & NAFTA

Since March 2017, the legal and economic teams of SAI are timely monitoring the most relevant information related to NAFTA, and provide opinion in the report of what it means for: the negotiation process; the bilateral and trilateral relationship; and how it impacts the Mexican economy. The objective is that the report is useful to support strategic-decision making of organizations and companies.

The subscription has a cost of $500 USD + VAT per monthly report and it is a yearly subscription to be covered by credit card. This subscription gives access to the report to 5 users.

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The SAI Report: Mexico and NAFTA

The SAI Report: Mexico and NAFTA


  1. Executive Summary
    1. Assessment
    2. Highlights
  2. Special Report
  3. Briefing
    1. The NAFTA Drive: Traffic Conditions
    2. Mexico - Macroeconomic context
  4. Recommended Readings

The SAI Report: Mexico and NAFTA

Special Reports

  1. March 2017 | U.S. Drafts Letter to Notify Congress Marchof the Start of NAFTA Negotiations
  2. April 2017 | Tax Reform Proposal - Border Adjusment Tax (BAT)
  3. May 2017 | Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) Requirements and Timeframe
  4. June 2017 | Trade Disputes -It's Implications for the Negotiation and Possible Reliatory Measures
  5. July 2017 | U.S. Negotiation Objectives - What's is at Stake?