Salvador Ortiz Vértiz
The group enjoys well-earned prestige based on solid values that have prevailed since the group was founded, as well as on an excellent working environment. There is no doubt that this has boosted innovation and technical competence in all the disciplines it handles, which has gained recognition from its clients.
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Salvador Ortiz Vértiz

Planeación estratégica en el sector energético
Análisis de los mercados de petróleo e hidrocarburos
Sector minero
Análisis sectorial

Salvador has been involved in line and staff positions in the energy industry. In his capacity as Deputy Director of natural gas trading at Pemex Gas y Petroquímica Básica (PGPB) for 3 years, he has garnered experience in natural gas (NG) sales to industrial clients, to gas distributors, and to the National Power Company (CFE), in NG imports from the US, and in transportation procurement in that country. In addition, he was in charge of NG financial hedging for PGPB clients and hedging practices for propane to manage PGPB risks. He was Chairman of the Board for both MGI (Mex Gas International, a PGPB subsidiary) and CH4 (a NG distribution JV of PGPB).

He has experience in strategic planning in the energy sector. As Deputy Director of Planning for PGPB, he was responsible for restructuring the division, determining the requirements for new gas processing plants and pipelines, transfer pricing for gas between Pemex Exploration and Production and PGPB, and preparation of the company's business plan. He also coordinated the economic analysis and internal justification of strategic projects, and the relationship between PGPB and the Federal Government's regulatory bodies.

His experience includes energy market and industry analysis. Previously, as part of the staff in the Department of Economic Studies at the National Bank of Mexico (Banamex), he was in charge of analyzing the Mexican oil industry – a key factor for the Mexican economy then – which included the study and opinion on the international oil and petroleum product markets and follow up of determinants of supply and demand.

Salvador's experience extends to other extractive industries, including the mining business. As head of the Federal Government's General Office for Mining for six years, he proposed changes to the Mining Law to Congress to simplify redundant procedures, to clarify some gray areas, to grant concessions for marine –ocean floor- mining and allow the private sector to use coal bed methane when to coal mining. Additionally, he promoted Mexico as a risk capital destination for mineral exploration. He was a member of the board of directors of Pemex E&P and a member of several governing boards of entities for which he was responsible.

Other areas where he has experience include sector-based studies, first with Banamex and now as a partner of SAI Law and Economics where he also conducts consulting work -chiefly for the energy and extractive industries- in economic analysis for specific business problems, competition and antitrust, and strategic planning.

Salvador Ortiz-Vértiz holds a Geological Engineering degree from the University of San Luis Potosí. He earned his Master of Science degree in Economic Geology at Stanford University and his PhD in Mineral Economics at the University of Arizona.