Trade Remedies

Our Trade Remedies practice group offers economic and legal advice to national and foreign companies and governments in antidumping, anti-subsidy, and safeguard investigations. Our advice also encompasses antidumping duties, sunset reviews, and anti-circumvention proceedings. We have represented the interests of several domestic industries such as poultry, agricultural products, textiles, sugar, clothing, footwear, home appliances, ferroalloys, and copper tubing. We have also advised foreign governments on establishing and implementing their commercial law. Furthermore, we have participated in international trade disputes based on treaties entered into by Mexico, either as a panelist or as party counsel.


Some of our Trade Remedies services are:

• Studies for identifying and quantifying dumping or subsidy practices.

• Studies on injury or threat of material injury to domestic industries caused by dumping or subsidy practices.

• Legal representation in antidumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard investigations, as well as in antidumping duties, sunset reviews, and anti-circumvention proceedings.

• Economic and financial advice including “in situ” verifications for companies under investigation for alleged dumping practices.

• Commercial monitoring and alert systems for detecting and preventing unfair trade practices.

• Advice on litigation under NAFTA and World Trade Organization provisions.

• “Trade Planning” to minimize risk of potential antidumping cases in USA.

▾ Experience

▾ Some of our success cases include: